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A consultation includes pre-trim and post-trim assessment as well as the trim itself, advice on nutrition, exercise and management, and the opportunity for you to ask questions. Initial consultations often take about two hours, subsequent consultations take about an hour. Shoe removal is included in an initial consultation, if required. If hoof boots are advised I can recommend suitable ones to use as well as providing a measuring and fitting service. I am happy to liaise with your vet, equine physio or other professionals as required.

Trim schedule

I will advise on the trim schedule that I think is best for your horse, based on its individual circumstances and any pathologies present. I tend to keep clients on a 4-6 week schedule in the spring-autumn months, maybe longer in the winter. I prioritise clients who keep their regular appointments. Clients who repeatedly cancel appointments or attempt to extend the trim cycle beyond what is in the best interests of the horse are best to find another hoof-care provider. I do not encourage clients who want a one-off trim (though I have on occasion agreed to do this when other hoof-care professionals have been temporarily unavailable due to ill-health).


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